No Matter Where You Go…..

I recently went to see family in Minnesota. We were way up north, a stones through from Canada. I figured I wouldn’t find much of anything in this semi-remote area.  One rainy day we decided to visit a neighboring town.  Came across a great little junk/antique shop PACKED with all kinds of items. I managed to find 15 bottles to add to my collection. Most were Coca-Cola related, but not all of them were.

No matter where you go, you can find bottles of some sort.  A few were from Ely, MN and Virginia, MN. Some good finds. We were able to visit, shop for antiques, fish, go boating, etc.  It was a perfect vacation with family.

Bottles found in MN

Bottles found in MN


4 Responses to “No Matter Where You Go…..”

  1. John Buchholz Says:

    Talk about a kid in a candy shop. Glad you had such a great Antiquing experience.

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      We didn’t plan on antiquing much, but the weather was too bad to go on the lake a day or two, so we had to do something. I also found several bottle caps. A great trip. Happy Anniversary to you and your lovely wife. Sorry we had to miss the party. Heard it was wonderful.

  2. Steven Greene Says:

    Nice score, I’m often surprised when and where stuff will show up.

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