Coca-Cola Collectors Club Convention

Just got back from the 39th Annual Coca-Cola Collectors Club Convention in Charlotte, NC.  What a week!  I am still trying to recover.  Over the next few weeks I will blog about the Convention, what happened and post a few photos….so stay tuned. Welcome sign 2


2 Responses to “Coca-Cola Collectors Club Convention”

  1. Tracie Vegter Says:

    Mr. Cocacolabottleman,
    I was wondering what kind of information do you learn at these Coca – cola collector’s conventions? What types of things do you see there?

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      Good question. At the conventions are many collectors of all kinds of Coca-Cola items. (We had over 800 people at last weeks convention) So, you are able to ask questions of fellow collectors, who enjoy sharing their knowledge. We also have seminars that cover various Coca-Cola Collectibles and history. Also, you can find books, magazines, etc. that are full of information. Most were published by The Coca-Cola Company. The items you can see span the globe and time! We had people from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Japan, Spain, Australia and Argentina at the convention. They bring things to sell, from bottles, signs, shirts, cans, toys, a little bit of everything. I saw items from the 1890’s to newer items this past convention. The National Convention (held in July) tends to be the largest, but there are several smaller regional conventions that are great too. Check out the Coca-Cola Collectors Club website and see upcoming events:
      Hope this helps. Plus I will be posting more about the convention, so come back by my blog.

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