Smyrna Bottle Show

Last weekend was the Smyrna Antique Bottle Show.  I was able to go, took my camera and did not take the first picture. Got busy talking to a lot of bottle collecting friends and checking out the bottles. I enjoy seeing everyone, finding out what they have found lately and see what is the newest trend in the bottle collecting world. It was a great time.

 I did find some screw on metal Coca-Cola caps. They are hard to come by, and I like having nice caps on my bottles. I also found a few bottles for upgrades. They had less case wear than what my bottles had. So at least I found a few bottles.

Luckily some one else took some photos. Check them out here:


2 Responses to “Smyrna Bottle Show”

  1. Carl Braswell Says:

    Hey Doug, I found a couple of what appears to be old bottles. One is a ten oz Fanta bottle. It is embossed with no deposit, Fanta, trade mark and a ribbed bottle. On the bottom is not to be refilled, 74 14 c in a circle 1 1595-5. I will tell you about the Barq’s later. Thanks, Carl

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      Your Fanta bottle is from 1974. The C in a circle is the glass company that made the bottle, Chattanooga Glass.

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