The Coca-Cola Collectors Club Convention Part 4

Seminars on Wednesday included “How Do They Know That?‟ with Bill Bateman and Randy Schaffer who brought their vast Coca-Cola knowledge and shared it with everyone. Also a “Cooking with Coke‟ seminar featured a live cooking show with samples for everyone to try.  Also on Thursday the seminars continued with “What‟s it Worth?‟ using items that were placed in the auction.  And me, Doug McCoy held a seminar on “Products of The Coca-Cola Company‟. I talked about Fanta, Sprite and some lesser known products such as Sugarbush, Raintree and Chime.

Friday was taken up with the auction. Over 400 items came up for sale.

Saturday we had the Memorabilia Sale that was also open to the public.  Saturday evening ended with the Banquet.  A great week!

Auction Items

Auction Items

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