The Coca-Cola Collectors Club Convention Part 3

One thing that goes on every night at the convention is a strange activity called ‘Room Hopping’.  I guess I had better explain that.  Many people bring items to sell at the convention.  They have item that span the globe as well as time. You will have things from Belgium, Japan, etc. and find items from the 1880’s to current.

 In order to show these items, we will set up our hotel room to display and sell the items.   We prop open our hotel room door, people will walk in and out of the rooms.

 It is a great way to see who is at the convention, meet fellow collectors and find that item you may be looking for. It seems like a strange practice at first, but not for long.

Room set up

Room set up


2 Responses to “The Coca-Cola Collectors Club Convention Part 3”

  1. Tracie Vegter Says:

    Can anyone go to the Cola convention ?

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      You do have to be a member of The Coca-Cola Collectors Club to go. But it is easy to join. With membership you get a monthly newsletter, free ad space in the newsletter, access to Coca-Cola content on the Club website, plus many other benefits. Check out the Club website for information. It costs $35 to join. Look into it. I have been in the club for 10 years now. It has been a wonderful experience.

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