Limited Copies Available…….

I have had several questions about my book ‘The Coca-Cola Bottle’ not being available on eBay.  I am running low on copies and do not plan on reprinting the first edition.  I will eventually do a second edition, but at the moment I have too many irons in the fire as it is and am not sure when the second edition will be available.

    I won’t list any copies until after the summer. I will be taking the book on the road to sell and if I have copies available after that  I will re-list a few.

 If you are interested in a copy, you can still contact me here at my blog and I can get you a copy.


2 Responses to “Limited Copies Available…….”

  1. Jay Lender Says:

    Bottle man,
    I have a bunch of original coke bottles, filled, from before New Coke and the switchover to corn syrup. Is there a market for those?

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