The History of Laurens Glass Works

While searching the web today I came across this article by accident. A very interesting read on the history of Laurens Glass Works. Finding articles like this help with identifying marks on bottles and what they mean.  I found a little tid-bit of info at the end of this article about the meaning of the glass makers mark that look like L* and L**. Also it discusses a strike by the glass workers in the late 1960’s, which I had been looking for information on.    It is a great source and hope you enjoy reading it.

Read it HERE

2 Responses to “The History of Laurens Glass Works”

  1. Carl Braswell Says:

    Doug, I was out on the hunt today and came across a bottle from Niagara Falls NY. It has embossed 237 m1, below that is O, then something in a circle, then some sort of graphic and 18. Someone had filled the bottle with wax and made a candle out of it. I cleaned all that out and the bottle looks good. Any ideas? Carl

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      I don’t that bottle is too old. Since it shows a metric size on the bottle 237ml. I would say from the last 10 years or so. Possibly the 1990’s. I bet getting the wax out was a pain!

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