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Interested in Purchasing the Coca-Cola Formula?

May 14, 2013

Coke formula claim

The secret formula for Coca-Cola is evidently for sale on eBay at the moment.

I have seen the ‘secret formula’ turn up every few years. The man claims to have found this one at an estate sale. The document once belonged to a chemist.   This version that was found is from 1943. I know during WWII it was difficult to find all the ingredients, so substitutions and adjustments  had to be made. I think this is just an alternate formula for a cola drink, not necessarily for Coca-Cola.

Plus, I am sure it does not compare to the modern formula now used by The Coca-Cola Company.  But if you have a spare $15 million you could own your own ‘copy’.


Coca-Cola Estate Sale of Epic Proportions!

May 7, 2013

I was able to attend an Estate Sale over the weekend that was ALL Coca-Cola items.  There were old, vintage items all the way to newer reproduction items.  A little bit of everything.  

 If you live in the Atlanta area you might want to check it out:

Check out the photos of the items.  Directions and hours of the sale are listed at the website.

You might find something to take home!


75,000 and Counting!!

May 7, 2013

Over the weekend I hit the 75,000 visitor mark. Thanks everyone for stopping by!

May is Here

May 1, 2013


Well, with spring here, I’ve been too busy to get to my blog and post anything.    What with yard work, etc. I hadn’t had a chance to do much of anything with bottles.   

Although I did find some time to hit a local antique store I hadn’t been to in several months.  I found several bottles, most of them were upgrades for ones I already had, but one bottle, that I almost did not buy was my best find.    It is easy to get into a habit of looking at bottles too quickly and passing something over that turns out to be a unique bottle.     I always look at the bottom of the embossed Coca-Cola bottles to see what City/State they have. I found a Marietta, GA bottle. I have several Marietta bottles already and decided not to buy it. But, it was only $1, so I thought I would go ahead and get it.    Once I got it home and started cleaning it, I noticed it was not an ordinary bottle. This bottle was from the late 1940’s, so one side should have had the Patent Number embossed in it, with the other side showing the 6 Ounce markings. This bottle has the 6 Ounce markings on both sides, no Patent Number markings!    I try to collect all variations and had never seen this particular year bottle have the ounce size on both sides.

So, get out, hit those local antique stores, flea markets and yard sales and look closely at those items you find. You never know what you might end up with!

Happy Collecting!