The Peaches to the Beaches Yard Sale

Royal Palm Mcrae, GA

Royal Palm Mcrae, GA

 Last weekend we were able to check out the Peaches to the Beaches Yard Sale here in Georgia. It was a 200 mile yard sale that stretched from Barnesville, Georgia to the coast on Highway 341, ending in Brunswick.   Unfortunately we only had one day to go to the sale, only averaged 12.5 miles per hour and made it a little over half way.  In between the towns we were able to do the speed limit, but once we hit a town their was a LOT to see!

  I was hoping to find some Coca-Cola bottles from some of the small towns we went through such as Fort Valley, Helena and McRae. I was able to find some Royal Palm Flavor bottles from the McRae Coca-Cola Bottler.  The only Coca-Cola bottles I found were from Hawkinsville, Georgia.  And those bottles I just lucked up on.    At every stop I would ask about Coca-Cola bottles and get pretty much the same answer- “Some guy bought all the Coke bottles I had this morning…” We never did catch up with this guy, so I was always a little too late to get some bottles.

 The three I eneded up with from Hawkinsville, were just pure lucky find. Someone was cleaning out a building, was not set up at the yard sale. I just happened to see a box full of various bottles and asked about Coca-Cola bottles. They weren’t interested in the Coke bottles and was happy to sell them. They weren’t much to look at, here is before.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere is the  After pictureAfter


6 Responses to “The Peaches to the Beaches Yard Sale”

  1. John Buchholz Says:

    Okay, so it was me and I collected about 200 old Coke bottles by staying just in front of you all day….Ha!
    No such luck. Here I am a Gerogian and never heard of the Peaches to Beaches event. Maybe next year.
    See you Thursday night at the Chapter meeting.

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      It probably was someone I knew buying all those bottles! Maybe the bottles will show up at the Springtime in Atlanta Convention.
      We had never heard of this Peaches to Beaches event/yard sale before either and this is the 9th year for it! They don’t have a lot of money to advertise, but a lot of people were still out buying stuff.

  2. Maria McKinlay Says:

    Hey you
    Some years ago I got this really different looking coca cola bottle. It has a really long body with a twisted neck.
    It says Törv Védve, which google says should be hungarian.
    I can’t find any pictures of it online either.
    It’s a 1 liter bottle.
    If you could please contact me then I can send a picture.

    I’m really curious about this bottle since I’ve never seen anything like it. Hope you can all, since you’re the master.


    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      Sounds like an interesting bottle. I will contact you so you can send a picture.

  3. Bottle Crazy Says:

    Amazing job of cleaning up those three bottles. I collect old bottles of all kinds and it would seem that you have a better cleaning process than I do. What do you use?

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