Christmas Is Around the Corner and Approaching FAST!

Hard to believe that Christmas will be here soon. Do you have a bottle collector on your shopping list?  Here are some ideas of what to get them. 

Bottle brushes are always a much needed item. This set of three brushes from Lee Valley are great for getting into the hard to reach places on those dirty bottles we find.,50560

bottle brushes  8.95

 For those stubborn spots this kit works wonders. Using stainless steel ball bearings and a cleaning agent and a little water can do wonders. Just swirl the ball bearings around the bottle with the cleaning fluid of your choice and it can remove rust spots, grime and some stains. I’ve got one of these kits and it does help a great deal!,42194,40727

Bottle Washing Kit 22.50

 Now for those stains and grime on the outside of the bottle. I use Bar Keepers Friend to clean ACL or Embossed bottles. Use a sponge, some water, elbow grease and Bar Keepers Friend to clean the bottle up. (Be sure and see my directions in the blog for cleaning ACL bottles with Bar Keepers Friend)  It can be found at most grocery store chains as well as at hardware stores.

A good go with would be sponges, one with a soft side and one with an abrasive side, a dish pan to use for bottles only, etc.

 Now that you have the bottles all washed, how do you dry them? Leaving them upright with water in them can leave water spots on the glass. I use a Beer bottle tree, to dry out the bottles upside down, they can drain, won’t leave water spots on the inside of the bottles. Search for a beer bottle drying rack to find other versions on the web. Here are a few listed that you can check out:

Or on Ebay


5 Responses to “Christmas Is Around the Corner and Approaching FAST!”

  1. Denyce Reno Says:

    I need help, and I don’t know where to turn. I have a straight-sided, clear glass Coke bottle that reads around the shoulder: PROPERTY OF COCA COLA BOTTLING CO OF CAL
    On the bottom it has a large C.
    I can’t find this bottle anywhere, and I read somewhere that California bottles are rather rare because the bottle manufacturing companies were not in business for very long. Could you give me some idea of the value of this bottle? I would be so grateful! Thanks! Denyce

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      West Coast Straight Sided Coca-Cola bottles always seem to sell for more than their East Coast counterparts. The COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA served Eureka, Oakland and San Francisco, and possibly other areas too. I think they opened in 1902. I have never heard about the bottle manufacturing companies not in business for very long, so I don’t know how that effects the price/value of the bottle.
      I have not seen this bottle before, so I don’t know what they have sold for in the past. Other West Coast Straight Sided Coca-Cola bottles that I have seen sell have gone for $100 and higher, depending on condition.
      Hope this helps and thanks for the question.

      • Denyce Reno Says:

        Dear Doug,

        Thanks so much for your very prompt and informative reply! I appreciate your help, and I will continue to research this interesting old bottle. Denyce

      • cocacolabottleman Says:

        I was glad to help and when you find out any information on your bottle I hope you will come back here and share the info!

      • Denyce Reno Says:

        You bet! Merry Christmas!

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