Bottle Shows

I get a list of upcoming bottle shows in an email from a fellow bottle collector. There are many upcoming shows. Here is a list: (For complete details go here: )

Fellow Bottle Collectors,

Please make plans to attend an upcoming bottle show in your area :

Sep 23 Greensboro, NC (moved from Nov to Sep)
Sep 23 Depew, NY
Sep 29 Santa Ana, CA
Sep 29 Memphis, TN
Sep 29 Albuquerque, NM
Sep 30 Lowell, MA
Sep 30 Batsto, NJ
Oct 5-6 Canyonville, OR
Oct 6 Woodstock, CT
Oct 6 Point Pleasant, WV
Oct 6 Chesterfield, VA
Oct 6-7 Savannah, GA
Oct 7 Dryden, NY
Oct 7 Chelsea, MI
Oct 7 Keene, NH
Oct 12-13 Santa Rosa, CA
Oct 21 Findlay, OH
Oct 21 Scriba, NY
Oct 28 Glendale Heights, IL
Nov 2-3 Tulare, CA
Nov 4 Elkton, MD
Nov 9-10 Jacksonville, FL
Nov 10 Royal Oak, MI
Nov 10 Belleville, IL
Nov 11 Albany, NY
Nov 11 Pittsburgh, PA
Nov 16-17 Terre Haute, IN
Nov 17 Mildford, OH
Nov 17 Florence, AL
Nov 18 Oakland, NJ
Nov 25 Bethlehem, PA
Dec 1 Auburn, CA
Jan 4-5 Palmetto, FL
Jan 13 South Attleboro, MA
Jan 19 Jackson, MS

Remember that bottle shows are an important part of our hobby that
need your support to insure the success of this hobby we love.


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