September Has Been a Quiet Month…

With football season starting and everything else that comes with Fall, I hadn’t had much time to do any Coca-Cola related things.

  I did go to a Church yardsale last weekend.  Bought 14 Coca-Cola bottles for $10, got the bottles home and promptly threw the bottle away, but kept the screw on caps. Crazy! But the bottles had heavy casewear. The caps were from the 1980’s, from the Marietta, Georgia plant and looked brand new.

Finding good screw on caps is not easy. Although I did find 40 on our trip to the National Convention, bought 50 on ebay and now with the ones I got at the yardsale, I should be set for caps…for a little while.  Most bottle collectors want the bottle and caps to be in pristine condition.  I’ve upgraded my caps with the finds from this year and still have some left for future bottles.

  In fact, I found a Caffeine Free Coca-Cola cap for a 32 ounce bottle, now all I need to do is find that bottle. It is a difficult one to get.

So, enough of my rambling…..hit those yardsales and see what you can find!


7 Responses to “September Has Been a Quiet Month…”

  1. Tracie Says:

    Where did u learn what year the Bottle caps are from? Are they certain colors or designs, or do they list the year somewhere?

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      Over the years I found a few websites that posted bottle caps and years. Also a Crown Cap Collecting Club helped me learn th eyears for caps.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Hi there

    We recently renovated our home in NYC found 3 glass “devil shake” bottles in the ground (buried real deep). No chips on them but the writing it wearing off a bit. Each is a 10 Fl oz bottle. Any knowledge of these bottles? They do have the cola marking.
    any knowledge would be appreciated! Thank you

  3. Sarah Says:

    Hi there

    We found 3 devil shake 10oz bottles buried in our yard–can u tell us more about them? They do have the cola imprint on them . Thank you!

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      The Devil Shake was actually a product of the Pepsi-Cola Company. It was like a Yoo-Hoo type chocolate drink. Did not last long. If the bottles were in mint condition they would be worth $100 or more, but in your earlier post you mentioned the paint was faded badly from being buried, which makeorth nothing.
      An interesting find though.

  4. Gabriel Says:

    I just recently found your blog and have found it to be extremely informative… I did have a question concerning a cap.
    I have 6 1/2 oz money back bottle from oakland cali that was refilled in lexington ky. My real question is that the bottle is sealed with a silver “winning cap”. Does that having any extra value, and if so, how much..
    Thank you for your time

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      I am glad to see my blog isn’t a complete waste of electricity! 🙂 I am always glad to hear that the blog has helped collectors out there in the World Wide Web.
      I assume your 6 1/2 oz bottle is the ACL (painted) version. Those bottles are pretty common and don’t have a great deal of value. But, having a cap does increase value to some collectors. Some people only want full bottles to display (New Old Stock bottle caps can be found easily and many people buy a bottle capper, refill the bottle and cap it themselves) and some people don’t care if the bottle is full or not (I fall in that category).
      If your bottle is the white ACL version and is in mint condition and capped it could be worth around $5.
      Hope this helps!

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