Coca-Cola Collectors Club 38th Convention Part 4

Besides Room Hopping to find items there was also a Silent Auction as well as a Regular Auction during the week.  I was able to pick up a small item at the Silent Auction, but didn’t get anything from the Regular Auction.

  Saturday we had our Memorabilia sale, that was open to the public. We had many locals come in to see what we had for sale and buy items from us.

It was a great Convention with lots to see and do.  If this sounds fun to you, check into joining the Coca-Cola Collectors Club and join us in 2013 at the next National Convention.

Hope to see you there!


4 Responses to “Coca-Cola Collectors Club 38th Convention Part 4”

  1. John Buchholz Says:

    Doug, thanks for your reflections on how much you enjoyed the Coke Convention. I hope we can get more new members for the Club and have them join the fun.

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      Yes, I agree…I hope that sites like mine will let people see how great it is to be a member of the Coca-Cola Collectors Club. I have been in the Club now for 8 years and have enjoyed every minute of it.

  2. Amanda Says:

    I have some Coca-cola bottles that have different languages on them and I can’t find any info on them…..can you help me?

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      Foreign bottles are a tough one to figure out. Here is a great website with foreign Coca-Cola bottles listed. You can match up your bottles with the ones on the site. (As soon as I find out where my bootle is from I label it) It takes some time, but you will be able to figure out where the bottles are from.
      Hope this helps

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