The 38th Coca-Cola Collectors Club Convention

Well, what a great Convention it was last week! A lot happened in such a short time, I will have to post something once a week for the next several weeks here to cover it. So be sure to check back often. I hadn’t even had time to get all the photos downloaded yet.

So, for now I will show you my best non-Convention find. We came across an antique store in Seymour, Missouri and I found some great screw on bottle caps, 40 of them. It was a great find! It is so hard to find screw caps that are in good shape. Most bottle collectors want a pristine cap to put on their bottles. I found a jar full of crown caps and screw caps. I dug through the jar and came up with Coca-Cola screw caps as well as Diet Coke, Tab, 7 Up, Dr Pepper and found two hard to find caps for Caffeine Free Tab and Caffeine Free Diet Coke!

I was running low on screw caps for my bottles, plus some of the caps I already had were faded and difficult to read. Now I am set for awhile. My only regret was I didn’t buy more of them!  They were only 10 for $1, super cheap find.

Screw on bottle caps



2 Responses to “The 38th Coca-Cola Collectors Club Convention”

  1. Kat Says:

    Hi, my son found an old Coca-Cola bottle, it’s green, says trade-mark registered in U.S. patent office, min. contents 6 fl. ozs., has Columbus Nebr on the bottom, and 56-20 on the side. We believe it is from 1951 to 1959, but not sure. And I can’t find anything online about Columbus Nebraska.

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      The Columbus Nebraska Coca-Cola Bottler opened in 1917. Your bottle is from 1956. The Columbus Nebraska bottle from this time period is not considered rare. But, I think they are a little hard to find. Depending on condition, value is from $5 to $20.
      Hope this helps

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