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Coca-Cola Collectors Club 38th Convention Part 4

July 31, 2012

Besides Room Hopping to find items there was also a Silent Auction as well as a Regular Auction during the week.  I was able to pick up a small item at the Silent Auction, but didn’t get anything from the Regular Auction.

  Saturday we had our Memorabilia sale, that was open to the public. We had many locals come in to see what we had for sale and buy items from us.

It was a great Convention with lots to see and do.  If this sounds fun to you, check into joining the Coca-Cola Collectors Club and join us in 2013 at the next National Convention.

Hope to see you there!


Coca-Cola Collectors Club 38th Convention Part 3

July 25, 2012

Today I will cover just a little of what I saw room hopping.  I did not take many photos this convention, spent more time visiting friends, room hopping and sightseeing. I found most of my finds (which were only a couple of bottles) room hopping. That is when you go hotel room to hotel room with open doors and look at what everyone brought to sell.  Also, two dealers set up selling rooms, a conference room, set up with many kind of items. Bottles, books, blotters, posters, cardboard advertising pieces, etc. No mater what you are looking for….you have a chance of finding it while room hopping! Here are a few things I saw:

Cardboard ads and posters









Blotters, coupons, dry servers and a few other items

CBS Sunday Morning Coca-Cola Story

July 24, 2012

In case you missed the CBS Sunday Morning episode with the story on Coca-Cola, check out this link for the story:;flexGridModule

Coca-Cola Collectors Club 38th Convention Part 2

July 19, 2012

On Monday July 2nd the Club was invited for a tour of the Ozarks Coca-Cola Bottling Plant. ‘Cookie’ Rice and his staff certainly rolled out the red carpet for us!    They certainly worked hard too, prepping the plant for visitors.

  We also received a bottle of Coca-Cola FRESH off the assembly line. That was the freshest Coke I ever had.

  Seeing how the bottling line works together was amazing. From the fillers to the forklift drivers, they all had to keep a steady and fast pace going to keep up. I don’t think I could have kept up.

So, a BIG thank you to all of you at the Ozarks Coca-Cola Bottling Plant for a wonderful morning!

Ozarks Coca-Cola Bottling Plant









Ozarks Coca-Cola Bottling Plant









Ozarks Coca-Cola Bottling Plant

Coca-Cola Collectors Club 38th Convention Part 1

July 17, 2012

Banner For Springfield Convention

Well we arrived at Springfield, MO for the 38th Annual Coca-Cola Collectors Club Convention on July 1st. The Convention did not officially start until the 3rd. But, we wanted to arrive early to see friends, get the room set up to sell and rest a little from the drive.  During the week, there isn’t much time to sit and rest! With room hopping, auctions, seminars, sight seeing in the area. etc. You will stay on the go!   The Gateway To The West Chapter of the Club did an outstanding  job hosting the convention! And the University Plaza Hotel was a wonderful place to stay with the open atrium, which made room hopping easy and the great staff were always helpful.

We also wanted to be sure we made the Ozarks Coca-Cola Bottling plant tour on Monday. More on that later….

Welcome Banner

Be Sure and Tune in to CBS Sunday Morning on July 22nd

July 13, 2012

At the Springtime in Atlanta Convention earlier this year a television crew was filming different events. We heard it was CBS and they would air the footage sometime this summer. Well, I heard through the grapevine that it will air Sunday, July 22nd on the CBS Sunday Morning show. 

They filmed at Springtime, the World of Coke, Coca-Cola Company archives and at a Coca-Cola Club members house Be sure and check local listings and tune in! It should be an interesting story. Supposed to be about a 7 minute segment.

The 38th Coca-Cola Collectors Club Convention

July 10, 2012

Well, what a great Convention it was last week! A lot happened in such a short time, I will have to post something once a week for the next several weeks here to cover it. So be sure to check back often. I hadn’t even had time to get all the photos downloaded yet.

So, for now I will show you my best non-Convention find. We came across an antique store in Seymour, Missouri and I found some great screw on bottle caps, 40 of them. It was a great find! It is so hard to find screw caps that are in good shape. Most bottle collectors want a pristine cap to put on their bottles. I found a jar full of crown caps and screw caps. I dug through the jar and came up with Coca-Cola screw caps as well as Diet Coke, Tab, 7 Up, Dr Pepper and found two hard to find caps for Caffeine Free Tab and Caffeine Free Diet Coke!

I was running low on screw caps for my bottles, plus some of the caps I already had were faded and difficult to read. Now I am set for awhile. My only regret was I didn’t buy more of them!  They were only 10 for $1, super cheap find.

Screw on bottle caps