Happy Mothers Day!

If you have kept up with my blog and read my book (The Coca-Cola Bottle) you know my grandfather and father were a big influence on me and my bottle collecting.  I wanted to mention someone else who has encouraged me, my mother.

 I wanted to say a BIG thank you to my mother for letting me drag in all my various collections and hobbies into the house while I was growing up, such as rocks, fossils, coins, stamps, bricks (yes…I said bricks), shortwave radios, postcards, railroad spikes (yes…I said railroad spikes), soda cans, CB radio, trains, model cars and planes, and on and on and on.

 Thank you for putting up with all of my ‘collections’ and hobbies through the years, the inadvertent damage to furniture while putting together models, antennas draped out windows, bottles and rocks everywhere in my room, etc.

AND thank you to all the Mothers, everywhere who support their kids collections!



4 Responses to “Happy Mothers Day!”

  1. Hugo Tenório Mourão Says:


    I am from Brazil and here we use to call a 290ml coke glass bottle as “KS” coke. 290ml = 10oz, aprox.

    We don’t know why this name: “KS” coke. After searcing for a long time, I found 3 options
    – It is the size of the bottle produced in Kansas (KS);
    – It stands for “Kiing Size”;
    – It is a reference “Klein Bottle” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klein_bottle

    Do you know why in Brazil we call this specific coke the “KS” coke??!?

    Thank you!


    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      Welcome to my blog! I would think the KS would refer to the King Size bottle. Here in the U.S., the King Size was a 10 ounce bottle. The 290ml is close to the U.S. version, and Coca-Cola called their similar sized bottles King Size in other countries.
      The other two items youlisted don’t fit, All the States here used a King Size bottle (Not just Kansas).
      The ‘Klein Bottle’, I have never heard or read of that being compared to a Coca-Cola bottle.
      Here is something I found on the King Size introduction in Venezuela around 1959.
      Hope this helps and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hugo Tenório Mourão Says:

    Hi Doug!

    Thank you very much for your prompt answer!



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