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A New Book Out about Asa Candler

April 30, 2012

‘Formula For Fortune: How Asa Candler Discovered Coca-Cola And Turned It Into The Wealth His Children Enjoyed’   

 By Ann Uhry Abrams


I am always keeping an eye out for any books concerning the history of Coca-Cola. I came across this book recently.

   It covers the life of Asa Candler and his descendants, how he took Coca-Cola from a patent medicine to an up and coming soft drink and includes his life as a banker, realtor, philanthropist and mayor of Atlanta.  Covering the family history with its ups and downs it endured and the problems encountered with the money made from Coca-Cola.

A very interesting ‘behind the scenes’ look of the early years of The Coca-Cola Company.


A Coca-Cola Week

April 30, 2012

   I started last week with going to the Coca-Cola Company Shareholders meeting. I am not only a Coca-Cola Collector, but I am also a share holder.

I ran into several Coca-Cola Club members, got to visit with them, saw a fellow bottle collector who I had not seen in a few years, saw the Coca-Cola Company Archives staff and saw (singer) and Muhtar Kent (CEO Coca-Cola Company)

 Then over the weekend went to Austell,Georgia for an antique festival of sorts and found some great Coca-Cola items. I came across a few bottles and the find of the day was a 1960’s Diamond Coca-Cola can. The Diamond can has a red and white checkered design on it and somewhat hard to find in great shape. I picked the can up for $3.

  I also received a package from a fellow Coca-Cola collector in Australia.  It was filled with some great Coca-Cola items!

It was a great week with Coca-Cola!

Springtime in Atlanta Convention Video

April 19, 2012

Here is a video from the Springtime Coca-Cola Club Convention. You may even see me somewhere in the video….I am the guy wearing the red shirt (Haha, how many people do you think wear red shirts to a Coca-Cola Club convention??)

Springtime in Atlanta Convention

April 10, 2012

Well, last week was the Coca-Cola Collectors Club Springtime in Atlanta Convention.   As always, it was a great time. We had an opening party with a DJ and trivia, an auction, silent auction, luncheon, Banquet, visiting with our Coke friends from around the world, seeing some great items and bringing a few collectibles home too.

There are many Coca-Cola Collectors Club conventions held around the U.S. all year long.  If  you would be interested in going to one, see my link for the Coca-Cola Collectors Club, and join the club. I have been a member since 2003. It has been a great experience.