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Life as a Bottle Collector

February 24, 2012

Hello Everyone!

    Just wanted to tell you a few things about being a bottle collector and running this blog.  

 I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge if I know an answer to your question. I also enjoy the questions I don’t know the answer to, because it gives me a chance to do some research, ask questions of fellow collectors, etc. and learn something new. It keeps the hobby exciting to me.  Plus, hopefully get more people interested in bottle collecting as a hobby. In order to continue the hobby we need new collectors to join in the fun.

When you post a question to me here on the blog, it may take me a few days (or more) to come up with an answer, so be patient. I promise I will do my best to get an accurate answer on a timely basis. But, unfortunately I have to work for a living (I have to get the money for bottles some how) and I am active in the Coca-Cola Collectors Club, I also receive questions via emails, letters and phone calls on a regular basis about bottles, crates and various other Coca-Cola and soda related items.

  I also attend various antique bottle shows, Coca-Cola Club events, write articles on soft drink bottles and related items, do research for articles and I am also currently writing a second book on soft drink bottles and I have to come up with new topics for the blog! Which usually comes in spurts-no ideas for awhile, then a bunch all at once!

 Wow-makes me tired just typing about it!  

I have been collecting bottles for over 40 years now and still enjoy it. Thanks to ALL of you who have posted questions here, you keep the hobby alive and exciting for me!

So, keep the questions coming and I will do my best to keep the answers going out to you.