Looking for Bottles

Over the holidays I heard of a local hardware store that was closing. It had been open since the 1920’s.  I decided to go and glad I did.  They had been cleaning out the building and finding many items that had been forgotten. Among some of the items were; horse drawn plow parts, horse shoes and a few things I ended up bringing home were bottle related.  They had found a few old bottle cappers, used to apply the crown cap onto a soda or beer bottle. They were old, but still in the box, never used. I bought one of those.

I also found bottles. Through the years, people would stop by and buy a soft drink. The bottles were places all over the store in hard to find corners,etc. I found a few Coca-Cola bottles, Tab bottle and a Sprite bottle.  

 You just never know what you will find at places like this. They also had a lot of old advertising signs, etc.  The next time you hear of an old store closing, stop by, you never know what you might find.


4 Responses to “Looking for Bottles”

  1. Randy Says:

    hello i have recovered a christmas coke bottle from mobile ala dated dec 25 1923 in good shape is a mobile bottle rare?

  2. Belkis Cardona-Rivera Says:

    Great advice. I have been watching American Pickers and learned that old stores have great stuff like the items you described above.

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      I learned a long time ago about checking out any old store you might come across. I’ve found some great items over the years doing that.

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