Some Bottle Hunting

This past weekend I was able to go to a flea market I hadn’t been to in a few years. It is about an hours drive from me. I went hoping to find a few items. I ended up finding several bottles.  I also collect products of the Coca-Cola Company and was able to find some 1 Liter bottles for Fresca, Sugar Free Sprite and Mr Pibb.

It was a great drive and ended up driving further north to see the leaves changing colors for the fall, grab a good meal and explore a small town. Now is the time of year for that kind of stuff, so get out there, enjoy this time of year and maybe do some bottle hunting for yourself.

5 Responses to “Some Bottle Hunting”

  1. Cokebottles Says:

    The weather down under is starting to get warmer now. It a good time to get outdoors. But there is very little coke items to find anywhere to find in Australia.

  2. Tami Weaver Says:

    Hello my name is Tami . our family collect old bottles . My husband and son are deer hunters and have access to many farms for that reason , but the owners of these land have told them they may keep any old bottles they find . they have found a hobbleskirt coca cole bottle dating Nov.16,1915 , it ib blue on the top and green on the bottom . I have found out that it is a rare bottle . we were trying to find out what it is worth . I was wondering if you would know or know of a place that I can find out . Thank you , Tami

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      I hear of a lot of people who hunt find some great bottles. I have seen 1915 bottles with more than one color, but it has been awhile. You don’t see them often. Value is based on several factors. Is it a noticeable difference in the two colors? Any chips or cracks in the bottle?

  3. Tami Weaver Says:

    Doug , The color is faint , but there . The bottle has a two dings in it , but glass isn’t missing . It also has bubbles in the glass . No cracks. It also has a light dusting of dirt in the bottle … we did soak the bottle in water , but nothing else . we didn’t want to damage it in any way . We have a few other older coca cola bottles also many other types of soda bottles a few med. bottles , an old Old spice bottle and a few amber/brown bleach bottles . Have you ever heard of “Mr.” Cola ? We also have one of those . We have never heard of it before . Thank you for getting back to me . Tami

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      I talked to some other collectors about the 1915 bottle you have. Most said the more pronounced the swirl in the bottle the more it would be worth. We could not agree on a value, it ranged from $50 to $125.
      The Mr Cola bottle is fairly common. They are worth around a few dollars. Sounds like you are finding a nice variety of bottles!

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