New News and Old News

The internet is an amazing place to find out news from around the world and from years ago.  Here are a few things I have found that I thought were interesting:

Slow news day in Swainsboro, Georgia brings us this story of a Coca-Cola bottle found recently:

I had read this story about a Coca-Cola that was auctioned for charity in 1943 in many books. I actually was able to find the original news story from February 14, 1944.   A few years ago somewhere I read that people were wondering where the bottle ended up. Here is a clue in the article that it ended up in New Jersey.   Probably sitting in someones attic or basement:,4810702&dq=coca-cola+bottle&hl=en

And the final story I found takes us to July 1955.  In my book I mentioned that the King Size bottle came out in some areas as early as 1955. I had several people question that, saying it was 1957 before they came out with the King Size. I had documentation from The Coca-Cola Company, but it is always nice to find something else like this article to confirm the information:,1895763&dq=coca-cola+bottle&hl=en

Hope you enjoy those articles!

2 Responses to “New News and Old News”

  1. Cokebottles Says:

    Hi Doug,
    Very interesting article. The year 1944 is a special for me as it brings back so many memories (I was not around then. It was the death of my grandfather who I never knew. Mum can remember him but she was a small child then.) I have tried to research this year with in Coca Cola history. All I have found that Coca Cola was just getting established here in Australia. Coca Cola started here in 1937- 38 and it was a very easy start. Can you inform me if there was any bottle put out in the December of 1944?

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      Hey Michael,
      Hope you are doing well down under! I understand about your grandfather. I never knew my grandparents on my father side. There were bottles made in 1944, but there is no way to determine what month they were made. Are you looking for U.S. bottles from 1944 OR from Australia. Or both? I can keep an eye out for some, just let me know.
      Take care,

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