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New News and Old News

September 23, 2011

The internet is an amazing place to find out news from around the world and from years ago.  Here are a few things I have found that I thought were interesting:

Slow news day in Swainsboro, Georgia brings us this story of a Coca-Cola bottle found recently:

I had read this story about a Coca-Cola that was auctioned for charity in 1943 in many books. I actually was able to find the original news story from February 14, 1944.   A few years ago somewhere I read that people were wondering where the bottle ended up. Here is a clue in the article that it ended up in New Jersey.   Probably sitting in someones attic or basement:,4810702&dq=coca-cola+bottle&hl=en

And the final story I found takes us to July 1955.  In my book I mentioned that the King Size bottle came out in some areas as early as 1955. I had several people question that, saying it was 1957 before they came out with the King Size. I had documentation from The Coca-Cola Company, but it is always nice to find something else like this article to confirm the information:,1895763&dq=coca-cola+bottle&hl=en

Hope you enjoy those articles!


September Has Arrived

September 8, 2011

 Well, with September come cooler temperatures, college football and the auction at the Schmidt Museum!  We won’t be able to make the auction, but I did get to see the sales catalog. There will be some GREAT and rare items going up for auction. We hope to make the second auction…whenever that will be.

With fall almost here, there are a few bottle shows on the horizon. I hope to make at least one before the end of the year. Be sure and check out the Antique Bottle Shows  link and see what might be close to you.

I have had 30,353 visitors to the blog so far. Thank you everyone! Keep the questions coming!

This is a good time of year for flea markets, garage sales, church yard sales, etc. Be sure and check some of them out for those Coca-Cola collectibles.