Coca-Cola Club Convention

The 37th annual Coca-Cola Collectors Club convention was last week.  What a GREAT week!  Got to see some old friends, make new friends, find some Coca-Cola collectibles, etc. This year we had over 1200 attendees.

   We had a luncheon with a military theme, very moving. Seminars on values of items, bottles and the ever popular Coca-Cola Jeopardy game. We also had a silent auction as well as a regular auction that ended up with 699 items. The auction took close to 12 hours!

 We ended the week with a memorabilia sale that was open to the public, then a banquet that night. It was hard saying good bye to everyone. It will be another year or possibly longer before we see each other again. But, our friendships last over time and miles.

As my father used to say ‘A Good Time was had by all’

2 Responses to “Coca-Cola Club Convention”

  1. beth Says:

    I have been hearing about “the good time had by all” .Glad to hear everything went so well. Are you unpacked yet? I hope you get rested up for the next convention!!! You are still the best nephew ever!! Miss and Love you,Beth

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      Well, it took us a week to unpack, get caught up on emails, mail and sleep! It was a great Convention!
      We love and miss you too!!!!

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