Coca-Cola Collectors Convention

Well, the Coca-Cola Collectors Club 37th Convention was a huge success!  It was great seeing old friends (many we only see once a year at conventions) and make new friends from around the world.

  It was a week full of events and activities. I am still trying to unpack and recover and we only lived 20 minutes away from the convention site.

  We had a silent auction, selling rooms full of all kinds of Coca-Cola Collectibles, an auction that had 699 items in it, room hopping (which is when people bring items to sell and set up in their hotel room, prop open the door and let the shoppers come in and buy), seminars, luncheon, banquet and the memorabilia sale open to the public on the final day.

  I was able to meet a few people that had purchased my book (from France and Canada). They sought me out to get a picture with me.

It was a great time! Can’t wait until next year….or maybe I can wait. It will take me a few weeks to recover from this convention!


6 Responses to “Coca-Cola Collectors Convention”

  1. Frank Davis Says:

    I recently unearthed a Coke bottle on my property in a location that is inaccessible to the public. Therefore, the bottle must have been there for quite some time, although I know it is not an “antique”.

    It is a green bottle measuring 7 3/4″ high x 2 1/4 diameter at the base.

    The Coca-Cola script logo is PAINTED in the blank space on the front of the bottle. It is painted on ONE SIDE ONLY.
    Under the Coca-Cola is “Trade Mark © 6 1/2 FL OZ ”

    The painted characters are very faded.

    Embossed in the glass, 1 1/2″ above the bottom of the bottle is :

    If you hold the bottle UPRIGHT: ” 66 ¯ 8 ”

    If you hold the bottle UPSIDE DOWN: “8 _ 99″

    On the bottom of the bottle, embossed in circular mode :

    On the outside circle: BOONE IOWA

    On the inner circle: TRADE MARK ® BOTTLE

    In the center: ” T” in a vertical oval


    ” W ”

    I would appreciate your opinion as to the age of this bottle.

    Also, WHEN did Coca-Cola STOP placing the city and state of the bottling plant on the bottom of the bottles?

    Thank you!

    Frank Davis

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      Your bottle is from 1966. It is hard to say how the bottle ended up there. They can turn up in weird places.
      As far as the City/State markings, they stopped placing them on the bottle in the late 1950’s to the early 1960’s. They started back up again around 1963 and continued into the 1980’s. Then, the bottles began to be made in Mexico and shipped to the U.S. These bottles did not have City/State markings on them.

  2. James Says:

    I recently pulled a couple coke bottles out of the river. Both appear to be painted coke bottles, unfortunately the paint is long gone and the bottles are fairly scratched. The bottles have the following matkings:

    Bottle 1 –
    On the skirt 69-84
    On the plug ENID OKLA – TRADE-MARK (R) BOTTLE (C)

    Bottle 2 –
    In the skirt 66-13
    On the plug BOONE IOWA TRADE-MARK (R) BOTTLE then an I in an oval and an A

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      The paint (ACL-Applied Color Label) does not hold up well in water or buried. Bottle 1 is from 1969, Bottle 2 is from 1966. With the condition issues they have no value. But, pretty cool to find in a river. You never know what kind of bottles you might find in rivers. I’ve seen some great bottles come out of lakes and rivers. So keep searching! Never know what you might come up with.

  3. Gary Says:

    I found an old coke bottle with the 4 flat sides that says enid oklahoma on the bottom and soda water and property of coca cola embosed on the sides then it also has 6 embossed images of coke bottles above the letters. Can you tell me how old it is and what it is worth? All the others bottles i can find like it has 6 stars around the neck instead of the bottles. Thanks

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      There are many variations of the 4 flat sides (4 panel) soda water bottle from various Coca-Cola bottlers. The Star version being the most common, others have turkeys, pelicans, trees, arrows, etc. and of course the one you found, with the contour Coca-Cola bottle on the shoulder. I guess the bottler wanted to ensure people who were buying the soda water knew it came from their local Coca-Cola Bottler. This one has to be about the hardest to find. I have one, it is from the Enid, Oklahoma Coca-Cola bottler. Mine has a patent date of 1923, so I think they were used from the early 1920’s and into the 30’s. I almost overlooked the one I found, from a distance I thought it was the common Star version.
      I have seen them sell from anywhere between $25 to over $100.
      Good find!

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