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So, Whats New??

July 28, 2011

After the Coke Club Convention I hadn’t been doing much with collecting or the blog.  I was kind of ‘Coke’d out and have spent the last few weeks just getting caught up on everything around the house, work, etc.

    We did manage to venture out a week or so ago to an Estate Sale advertising Coca-Cola items and McCoy pottery. By the time we got there all of that stuff was gone. We poked around anyway and found a few small items. I did find an interesting Indian Motorcycle lighter, and the price was right….even if I don’t collect motorcycle stuff.  I thought I would put it on ebay with ‘Buy It Now’ and it sold in an hour! I guess I had the price too low? But, hey I was happy…the buyer was happy. And now I have some extra bottle money. It looks like I will be needing it. Someone called me last week and has 80 Straight Sided Coca-Cola bottles plus ‘odd ball’ bottles for sale.   I love the ‘odd’ bottles, incorrect color, wrong markings, off brands, Coca-Cola copy cats, etc.  Who knows what they have, but I’ve got a little extra jingle in my pocket, so I might be bringing home a few bottles.

Wish me luck!



Coca-Cola Club Convention

July 8, 2011

The 37th annual Coca-Cola Collectors Club convention was last week.  What a GREAT week!  Got to see some old friends, make new friends, find some Coca-Cola collectibles, etc. This year we had over 1200 attendees.

   We had a luncheon with a military theme, very moving. Seminars on values of items, bottles and the ever popular Coca-Cola Jeopardy game. We also had a silent auction as well as a regular auction that ended up with 699 items. The auction took close to 12 hours!

 We ended the week with a memorabilia sale that was open to the public, then a banquet that night. It was hard saying good bye to everyone. It will be another year or possibly longer before we see each other again. But, our friendships last over time and miles.

As my father used to say ‘A Good Time was had by all’

Coca-Cola Collectors Convention

July 5, 2011

Well, the Coca-Cola Collectors Club 37th Convention was a huge success!  It was great seeing old friends (many we only see once a year at conventions) and make new friends from around the world.

  It was a week full of events and activities. I am still trying to unpack and recover and we only lived 20 minutes away from the convention site.

  We had a silent auction, selling rooms full of all kinds of Coca-Cola Collectibles, an auction that had 699 items in it, room hopping (which is when people bring items to sell and set up in their hotel room, prop open the door and let the shoppers come in and buy), seminars, luncheon, banquet and the memorabilia sale open to the public on the final day.

  I was able to meet a few people that had purchased my book (from France and Canada). They sought me out to get a picture with me.

It was a great time! Can’t wait until next year….or maybe I can wait. It will take me a few weeks to recover from this convention!