The Coca-Cola Company Illuminates the Atlanta Skyline

I mentioned in an earlier post how The Coca-Cola Company covered the Atlanta  Headquarters building in white fabric, which is actually called scrim.  Here is some information about it:

The entire building is covered, 26 stories high. The scrim covers an area 339 feet high and 157 feet wide per each side of the building. That equals 210,000 square feet of projection area which makes it the world’s largest single building illumination.

On Friday and Saturday nights in May they will cover the building with images of 125 years worth of Coca-Cola advertising as well as a ‘Thank you’ to everyone for 125 great years.  It is an amazing site… I hope to make it to Atlanta to see it in person.

To see a video of opening night, check out this link:

2 Responses to “The Coca-Cola Company Illuminates the Atlanta Skyline”

  1. Greg Hamilton Says:

    Hello There
    I hope maybe someone on here can help me.
    I have a 3Ft Tall Coca Cola Can Stereo..The stereo is an Akura C104/105…It has a AM/FM Reciver ..Dual Cassette Deck…CD Player…3 band Grapic Equalizer…2 6×9 speakers and a Built in Sub Woofer in side..Doors open up to use stereo. I aquired this through an Estate Settlement. Everything works Great …and is in VERY GOOD SHAPE…also has a Remote Control for CD player. Could you lead me in the right area as to were I might sell this…and how much it is worth.
    Thank You

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      I have seen that Can stereo before. They are pretty cool looking! I am uncertain what they go fo though. The last one I saw for sale (which was at least 4 years ago) had a price tag of $350. Check my links for the Coca-Cola Club. Check on the club website for a chapter close to you. Someone may be interested in buying it.
      Good Luck!

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