Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Clarkson, K’Naan, Miniature Golf and Mello Yello Zero All in One Day!

This past weekend was the 125th Anniversary Celebration for Coca-Cola.  At the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, had a great set up on Saturday. They had a Miniature Golf Course, Face Painting, Flash Mob doing a dance, a concert next door at Centennial Olympic Park (which was for employees only), but they did have a huge screen at Pemberton Park so you could see the concert.

  It was a HUGE crowd and a perfect day!  Ran into some fellow Coca-Cola Club members and got to visit with them. Picked up a special edition 125th Anniversary Coca-Cola bottle and a few other items.

Also, saw the Coca-Cola Company Headquarters building wrapped in white fabric. It was strange to see it from top to bottom covered up. At night they are using it as a HUGE projection screen, showing various scenes of its 125 year history.

I also finally found my Mello Yello Zero!  Found the 20 ounce bottle in a vending machine at Pemberton Park.

A GREAT Saturday in Atlanta.   Be sure and check out the World of Coca-Cola this summer for the special 125th items on display as well as in the gift shop.

2 Responses to “Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Clarkson, K’Naan, Miniature Golf and Mello Yello Zero All in One Day!”

  1. aunt beth Says:

    Hi Doug, You are still the BEST Nephew ever!!! Missed your mothers day message. Heard your lamp is still at the museum. You, Laura and your mom need to come North or I need to go South. Love and miss you !! Beth

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      Hey Beth,
      Thanks for thinking I am the best nephew. Take care and talk to you soon!

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