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Last Weekend…..

May 26, 2011

Well, this will be the last weekend (Friday and Saturday night) for the Atlanta Coca-Cola  Headquarters building to be illuminated.  If you haven’t made it down yet, this is your last chance to see it.  Make an evening of it and hit the Varsity for a great chili dog and the best ice cold Coca-Cola in Atlanta!    Sounds so good, I think I will head down to Atlanta this weekend.


The Coca-Cola Company Illuminates the Atlanta Skyline

May 12, 2011

I mentioned in an earlier post how The Coca-Cola Company covered the Atlanta  Headquarters building in white fabric, which is actually called scrim.  Here is some information about it:

The entire building is covered, 26 stories high. The scrim covers an area 339 feet high and 157 feet wide per each side of the building. That equals 210,000 square feet of projection area which makes it the world’s largest single building illumination.

On Friday and Saturday nights in May they will cover the building with images of 125 years worth of Coca-Cola advertising as well as a ‘Thank you’ to everyone for 125 great years.  It is an amazing site… I hope to make it to Atlanta to see it in person.

To see a video of opening night, check out this link:

125th Anniversary Bottles

May 11, 2011

Well, the 125th bottles are here. I have seen the crystal bottle and the gold painted bottle. They are available at the Coca-Cola Store website as well as at the World of Coca-Cola.

   Also, the Coca-Cola Company announced that an 8 ounce glass bottle with the red and white 125th design will be available in local grocery stores soon. They also give away this same bottle at the World of Coca-Cola after your visit.    I have not seen the bottle in stores yet, but they should be out by June at the latest.

 Although these bottles are being mass produced and probably won’t go up in value much, they are nice looking items to add to your collection.

Happy Hunting!

Mello Yello Zero

May 11, 2011


I found Mello Yello Zero last weekend inAtlanta, in a vending machine close to the World of Coca-Cola. Since then I was able to find a fridge pack with the 12 ounce cans.

    I have heard that it has a bad after taste, etc.  But when I tried it, I experienced no after taste. In fact it was very good. I could only tell a slight difference between the regular and Zero brand.  Glad I finally found it!

A New Size Coca-Cola bottle Out….

May 9, 2011

Yesrterday I saw a new size bottle for Coca-Cola and Coke products. a 1.25 Liter bottle, selling for 99 cents at Publix.  Of course, the new size 1.25 size  is in conjunction with the 125th Anniversary.  There should be commercials coming out soon about the new size.

Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Clarkson, K’Naan, Miniature Golf and Mello Yello Zero All in One Day!

May 9, 2011

This past weekend was the 125th Anniversary Celebration for Coca-Cola.  At the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, had a great set up on Saturday. They had a Miniature Golf Course, Face Painting, Flash Mob doing a dance, a concert next door at Centennial Olympic Park (which was for employees only), but they did have a huge screen at Pemberton Park so you could see the concert.

  It was a HUGE crowd and a perfect day!  Ran into some fellow Coca-Cola Club members and got to visit with them. Picked up a special edition 125th Anniversary Coca-Cola bottle and a few other items.

Also, saw the Coca-Cola Company Headquarters building wrapped in white fabric. It was strange to see it from top to bottom covered up. At night they are using it as a HUGE projection screen, showing various scenes of its 125 year history.

I also finally found my Mello Yello Zero!  Found the 20 ounce bottle in a vending machine at Pemberton Park.

A GREAT Saturday in Atlanta.   Be sure and check out the World of Coca-Cola this summer for the special 125th items on display as well as in the gift shop.