Still Searching….

  Well, last weekend I tried to find Mello Yello Zero, went to three grocery stores, but to no avail. I have heard from a few of you who were able to find it in the western U.S.

That is one thing about living in Coca-Cola’s backyard, it is easy to find Coca-Cola collectibles, but when it comes to new products they always seem to release them somewhere else other than Georgia. Hopefully I will come across a Mello Yello Zero soon.

Speaking of Coca-Cola collectibles, with spring finally here, yard sales and flea markets will be gearing up. I want to hear from you, what have you found recently? Any good Coke stuff?


5 Responses to “Still Searching….”

  1. cocacolabottleman Says:

    This weekend I was able to speak with the ‘Coca-Cola Man’ at a local grocery store. He said that Mello Yello Zero is supposed to be available, but he has not had any on his truck and has not delivered any.

  2. gary warren Says:

    It is in the Market now

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      Yes, it has been on the market since April 2nd, but still not available in my area!!

  3. Zach Says:

    I did find an interesting bottle recently at a flea market that I hadn’t seen before. Its actually two straight sided 64 oz bottles with foam labels. They are held together at the top by a type of plastic carrier. Any idea on the age/value they might be? Based on finding from the rest of my collection, my thought is that it might be from WWII but some research indicated it may be from 1974 or 75.

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      The 64 ounce foam label is definitely a 1970’s style bottle. The foam label no deposit bottles are beginning to become popular among collectors. And for it to have the neck ring for two bottle carrier is an added bonus. As with anything collectible, condition is everything. If the caps are in mint condition as well as the labels, it has sold for around $50. But, unfortunately with the economy, prices of bottles have come down. Still, a good find though.
      I can’t tell you how many foam labels I peeled off Coca-Cola bottles growing up. I would try to make it one continuous piece about an inch wide or less. Wish I had some of those bottles now, BEFORE I had gotten ahold of them.

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