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Could Be My Best Month…

January 24, 2011

Since starting my blog in September 2009, I have had over 16,000 visitors. And this month may be a record breaker for most visitors in a month!    The numbers amaze me!  I have been surprised how many people have asked questions here as well as on my interview with Collectors Weekly.   Someone recently told me I am the ‘Dear Abby’ for bottle collectors.  I’ve enjoyed answering all the questions and look forward to keep on doing it in 2011.


Gearing Up For 2011…..

January 19, 2011

Well here we are in 2011, with the first month almost gone!   With the new year here, bottle shows will be starting around the U.S., be sure and check out the link on my main page- Antique Bottle Shows and see what might be happening in your area.  The shows are a great place to meet fellow collectors, find out about the bottles you have, etc.  We look forward to the shows and seeing old friends, many we only get to see once a year at the show.

    We hope to make several shows this year.  I need to get rid of some of my duplicate bottles, and of course look for those elusive Coca-Cola bottles I need.

  Also this year, the National Convention of The Coca-Cola Collectors Club will be held in Atlanta, the Mecca for Coke enthusiast. If you are not a member of the Club, you should look into joining this year. The Convention should be huge AND with Coca-Cola celebrating its 125th year, there are sure to be many items issued that Club members will have access to.

 Be sure and try to make at least one Antique Bottle Show this year, you will be surprised at what you might find!

I Made The Top 10!!

January 7, 2011

Well, 2010 was a very busy but good year for me, what with my book, interviews, etc.   I received an email from Collector’s Weekly about my interview and it made it in the Top 10 Favorite Interviews of 2010.   I even beat out American Picker, Mike Wolfe! 

  Check out the Top 10 List at:

Mello Yello Zero Coming Out?

January 4, 2011

The last year or so I have given up sugar sodas and have changed to the Zero counterparts.  I really enjoy the Coke Zero taste.  I was disappointed in no Mello Yello Zero though.  I heard through the grapevine that Mello Yello Zero is supposed to be introduced on April 2, 2011.

   I can’t wait!

Pop, Coke or Soda?

January 3, 2011

Growing up in a Military family we moved a good bit all across the United States.  One thing we noticed in our travels was how different regions referred to those carbonated beverages we all enjoy.  To see a breakdown by State and County check out this site:

 So, what do you call your favorite carbonated beverage?