Still More Christmas Ideas

2011 will be the 125th Anniversary of  the Coca-Cola Company. A few 125th  items have shown up just  in time for Christmas.  There is a Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Monopoly game, Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Yahtzee and a 125th Anniversary 2011 Calendar.  I’ve seen all of these items online and they should be in stores also.

  This is only a few of the items for the 125th that will be released.  Next year we will see a lot of COOL 125th Coca-Cola items………. More on that later.


4 Responses to “Still More Christmas Ideas”

  1. AdvertLover Says:

    The Monopoly game sounds good. Do you know what they are using as place/street names etc? Might put it on my Christmas list as I could do with some board games!

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