You Never Know…….

   After being around bottles for so long, I tend to develop ‘Bottle Blindness’. Bottle Blindness is when you see a bottle but tend to overlook it thinking you have already seen that style of bottle OR already have that particular bottle.  I have learned you can’t assume that.  Last year I went to one of my bottle buddies house to see what they had for sale.  I also needed several of the Family Size (26 ounce) Coca-Cola bottles for a local antique dealer who wanted to fill a crate with them. So, I started pulling out some nice 26 oz bottles and came across a style I had not seen before, but I had seen this very bottle several times before while visiting my friend. I had seen it, but never looked at it closely because I thought it was a ‘common’ 26 oz bottle. 

              I have missed out on other bottles before at bottle shows and conventions because I only would glance at a bottle and assume it was an ordinary, common style of bottle, to find out later when someone else took the time to look and bought it, that it was a hard to find item.

  I am trying to get over this case of bottle blindness, but still catch myself not looking closely or passing up a bottle.  Just the other week, someone asked if I needed a Simba bottle (Simba was a Coca-Cola Product of the late 1960’s) and I was going to say, ‘No, I have all the Simba bottles’, but thought twice and looked at the bottle. Much to my surprise it was a different version of the 10 ounce bottle I had never seen before!

              I just have to remember, it doesn’t cost anything to look and it might cost me if I don’t look.  You never know, that rare bottle you have been looking for just may show up, or could have been right under your nose and never knew it.

Happy Hunting.

2 Responses to “You Never Know…….”

  1. Jaymee Blue Says:

    I recently found well over 20 of these old Simba bottles. They are all 26oz bottles and all of them have their lids. I’m trying to find out how much something like these would be worth.. do you have any idea?

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      Simba was introduced by the Coca-Cola Company in 1969 and was a lemon flavored soda. It is one of my favorite Coca-Cola Product bottles, great graphics. The two size bottles made were the 10 ounce and your size bottle. The 10 ounce shows up more often than the 26 ounce. In the past the larger Simba bottle would sell anywhere from $10 to $30. I can’t remember the last time I saw the 26 ounce size on eBay. You may try to list one and see how it does.
      Good Luck!

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