Coca-Cola and Good Friends

          I joined the Coca-Cola Collectors Club for a few reasons, one-to have a place to look for bottles for my collection, two-to meet some local collectors and have a place to go and talk collectibles. I never imagined I would meet people from around the world!

            There are members in the Club from Japan to Belgium, Canada to Australia and several places in-between that I have met through the years and get to see them usually at the National Coca-Cola Collectors Club Convention.

            I wanted to mention one person I have gotten to know, Adrian from Australia.  Adrian is a member of The Coca-Cola Memorabilia Collectors Club Australia.

 I was doing an internet search one day on my book to see where it might show up at. I was surprised when the newsletter  showed up in my search and there was an article about my book!      I contacted Adrian, since he was the editor and thanked him for the article.   Since then we have been corresponding on a regular basis.  One place I have always wanted to go is Australia. Adrian has been telling me about the surrounding area.  We have also been exchanging Coca-Cola items. He has sent me several Australian bottles; 1960’s embossed Coca-Cola, America’s Cup Commemorative bottle, Coke Zero introduction bottle and box, Tresca bottles (the Australian version of Fresca), pens, bottle caps, yo-yo,  etc.  It has been great to find a fellow collector and exchange information and items. He also helped me obtain a copy of the book “The Real Thing; 70 years of Coca-Cola in South Australia”

Adrian has been a serious Coca-Cola Collector for the past 5 years. He worked for a Coca-Cola bottler for 36 years so he has a deep knowledge of Coca-Cola and makes it very interesting to trade emails with.  I don’t know if we will ever meet each other in person, but I have thoroughly enjoyed our ‘conversations’ and look forward to hearing more from him.



One Response to “Coca-Cola and Good Friends”

  1. M.K. Kilgore Says:

    I started working at Lockheed A/C in the mid 1950’s, and there were hundreds of coke machines in the dozens of buildings that make up the huge complex. Every building had at least one coca cola machine in it. We would line up at the machines at break and lunch to buy them. We would bet a quarter a piece on who had the bottle that was bottled the longest distance from Marietta. The bottles literally came from all over the U.S.A. I wish I had kept one of each, because today they would be worth a lot of money {I guess}

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