Daring Experiment

 I am often trying to find new ways to clean bottles. One of the hardest bottles to clean are the paper label type. I recently came across a foil label Diamond Pattern Coca-Cola bottle. This bottle is much sought after and is hard to find.

    The label on my bottle is dirty. but I can’t use any water or liquid cleaner on it for fear the label will become damaged.  Someone told me a secret to cleaning the labels. White bread…..yes, just a piece of white bread and simply drag it across the label. It will supposedly clean the label and the dirt will stick to the bread.    I am going to attempt to clean my bottle today using bread. I hate to test it on such a hard to find bottle, but that is where the ‘Daring’ comes into this experiment!

I will test a few small areas first, then if it looks like it will be OK, I will try it on the entire label.

Why am I going to try this on such a rare bottle? Well, just trying to help my fellow collectors AND sometimes you just have to live dangerously!

Wish me luck!


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