What’s up with all those numbers?

Well this week marks the one year anniversary of my blog, I’ve had over 10,185 visitors and over 233 comments posted. If you have posted a question, comment or just visited the blog I want to say Thank You, it has turned out more popular than I could have ever imagined.

 I also wanted to thank all of you for the interest in my book.

 My book has made it out to 8 Countries and 32 States and is currently available at the Schmidt Museum of Coca-Cola Memorabilia Gift Shop in Elizabethtown, KY as well as online here.

 Articles or Websites that mention my book are in:

  • Coca-Cola Company’s Archivist and Historian Phil Mooney’s Blog ‘Coca-Cola Conversations’
  • Coca-Cola Collectors Club of Queensland, Australia Chapter Newsletter
  • Coca-Cola Collectors Club of South Australia Newsletter
  • Coca-Cola Collectors Club of the Netherlands Newsletter
  • Coca-Cola Collectors Club U.S. Newsletter
  • Cola Conquest Magazine
  • Collectors Weekly
  • Society for Historical Archaeology listed my book under REFERENCE BOOKS as an excellent source to identify Coca-Cola bottles and said ‘This is an excellent and succinct guide to Coke bottles with scores of full color illustrations of bottles….’
  • Interviewed by a Stanford University student for a Research Project on history and philosophy of design (as pertaining to Coca-Cola contour bottle)

 I will never see my book become a New York Times Best Seller and it won’t make the Oprah Book Club List, but I am happy with where the book has gone and where I am going with all of this.

 Even though the local media is not interested in doing an article/interview about my book, it seems people from across the U.S. and around the globe are at least interested. It has allowed me to communicate with some wonderful people from all over the world and has been an amazing experience!

 Thank you to all!

One Response to “1-10,185-233-8-32”

  1. cokebottles Says:

    Hi Doug,
    Thank you for the fantastic book. Even if it is not, going to be a best seller, who cares. In a Coca-Cola collector view it is the content within the book and the reference information. And as I have met you and you signed it, it means more than just purchasing via the bookstore.

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