When Is the Next BIG Bottle Adventure?

I had a friend ask me that yesterday. I had to stop and think on that one. No bottle shows coming up that are local, no Coca-Cola Club Events for a month or two, still too hot for any bottle digging, what am I going to do??

   Well, I have a few places I can check out whenever I get bottle fever. Like this weekend, a Car Show will be at the fairgrounds not too far from my house. Bottles at a Car Show? Yes……sometimes.  At this car show, they also have a large car parts area (Swap Meet) where people will bring in bits and pieces of cars to sell.  Many of these parts are found in barns, old garages, etc. Those places are also a great place for soda memorabilia such as signs, bottles, crates, drink machines, coolers, etc.  I have found some great signs and bottles at larger car events. Many car enthusiasts look for signs for the garage; they look for old bottles and coolers to place in the vehicle for display purposes, so these items do appear occasionally at car show swap meets.

   Plus, looking at the cars and even at the parts fascinates me. I used to spend many weekends pulling old car parts for some extra cash in my younger days.

 So, if you get a chance check out local car shows that will have a swap meet area too. You will be surprised at what you might find!


3 Responses to “When Is the Next BIG Bottle Adventure?”

  1. Troy Beard Says:

    I just found your blog, so hope I am putting this question in the right place! I have an embossed Dr. Pepper bottle that says “Good for Life” and has the embossed 10-2-4 raised clock, 6 1/2 oz and on the bottom embossed Property of Dr. Pepper Bottling Bott. CoO. Chattanooga, Tenn. and it has T on the bottom>?

  2. cocacolabottleman Says:

    The Dr Pepper bottle you described is fairly common. Many bottlers used this style bottle. It could sell for around $20 since it is the embossed (raised lettering version). Most of these bottles were debossed (indented lettering version), where the text, etc. on the body of the bottle was pressed into the glass.

  3. cocacolabottleman Says:

    The car show was great. I did see several Coca-Cola and soda items. Coca-Cola tryas, bottles, coolers and an electric cooler from Canada.
    I also saw a few signs, a Bubble Up sign and a 7 Up sign.
    I managed to bring home a bottle or two.

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