Let’s Talk Soft Drinks

The past few weeks I’ve been down with a summer cold.  The upside of being sick, I’ve been able to peruse the internet and find some interesting things. One thing I found was a book called ‘Let’s Talk Soft Drinks’. Printed in 1960 and written by Ben Ginsburg; 139 pages.

I found several titles for the ‘Let’s Talk’ series, such as ‘Let’s Talk Beer’, ‘Let’s Talk Oil Industry’, ‘Let’s Talk Power Industry’, etc.  I hadn’t been able to find out who this series of books were geared towards.

Although a fairly short book, it covers a great deal of material. Information on Asa Candler (Coca-Cola), C.D. Bradham (Pepsi-Cola), C. L. Grigg (7 Up), Charles Hatcher (Royal Crown), R.S. Lazenby (Dr Pepper), Charles Hires (Root Beer), Henry Millis (Cliquot Club), and many others.

Other chapters cover the Study of Efficiency, Early Beginnings, Industry Today, Franchise System, Technical Aspects, Competition, Marketing, Management, etc.

Even though the some of the information is dated it is a great look at the Soft Drink Industry in 1960.

I think this book will be a little hard to find on the internet. I just happened across it by accident. It is worth tracking down though.

Good Luck in your search!


5 Responses to “Let’s Talk Soft Drinks”

  1. penny kaiser Says:

    I really wish someone could tell me how much a glass coke bottle with the liquid still in it with a pepsi lid on it from the 70’s would be worth. My husband found it in a grocery store in Michigan. Can you help me? You can tell that it is original Thanks

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      I have seen many Coca-Cola bottles with all kinds of different caps on them. Unfortunately they aren’t worth a great deal. Usually sell for whatever the bottle is worth plus a little more, which a 1970’s Coca-Cola bottle is worth a few dollars, add in the cap and it is worth $5, maybe a little more.
      Collectors see the bottles with the incorrect cap as an oddity, but not as a collectible.
      Hope this helps.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds great! Any chance you could offer a clue as to how to find the book?? Thanks!

    • cocacolabottleman Says:

      Sorry, I can’t offer too many clues on this one! It is a hard title to find. Check out Amazon, it is listed but currently has no copies available. You can sign up to be notified by email once a copy is listed. Also check local libraries. I did see that a few libraries across the U.S. have it.

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