The Big Drink

I have gotten behind on my summer reading!  I’ve been so busy, plus I have found SO many great books recently concerning bottles, collecting or Coca-Cola. I have a huge stack of books I want to share with you.

            At the recent Coca-Cola Collectors Club Convention I found several MORE books.  One of them is ‘The Big Drink, The Story of Coca-Cola’ by E.J. Kahn Jr., written in 1960. 174 pages.

            The book is based on a series of articles that Mr. Kahn had written for The New Yorker magazine.

            Although his humorous views are a bit dated now, it is a great look into the times and peak of the Coca-Cola Company.

            Some things he covers are:

  • How Coke was available world wide, even in the jungles of South America, where people had not heard of the United States, but knew what Coca-Cola was.


  • Coca-Cola in World War II, how it reminded troops of home and how it was able to get a foothold and expand around the world.


  • How some countries could not get enough Coca-Cola, while others outlawed Coca-Cola from being sold in their country.


  • How many Coca-Cola Bottlers became the most important businessman in town


  • Many of the problems Coca-Cola had with imitators, the image perceived by many in the early years of any soda bottler as producing an unclean and unsanitary product.


  • 7x, the secret ingredient in Coca-Cola


  • A humorous and brief history of the Coca-Cola bottle

 This book is a classic. It has inspired other books such as Mark Pendergrast, author of: For God, Country and Coca-Cola mentioned in his first edition that E.J. Kahn was a huge influence on him and his book.

 Look for the book online. I know Amazon has a few available. Check out your favorite used book site and track this book down. Maybe it will inspire you to write a book!

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