2010 Coca-Cola Club Convention

The 2010 Convention was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with over 600 people attending this year.  We even had people from Australia and Japan. It was a great week, seeing old friends, making new friends and picking up a few Coca-Cola collectibles to add to our collection.

    The first official event was the Business Meeting.  I was surprised when they called out my name as 1st Place winner for the 2010 Newsletter Essay Contest. I had submitted an article for the newsletter on Sprite and never heard back from them about it. Also covered in the meeting was future Convention locations and general business of the Club.

     Every night we had ‘Room Hopping’. People bring items to sell from their room, display the items in the room, prop open the door and let the fun begin, a unique and odd practice of wondering from hotel room to hotel room looking for Coca-Cola items to purchase and take home. I found a few great bottles and several books I had been looking for. (I will be doing book reviews on those books soon).

            Of course we have an Opening Party where we can see everyone and a banquet at the end of the week.

            In between those two events we have seminars, silent auction and a live auction. We had close to 300 items in the auction. A lot of great pieces went up and some items went cheap this year too.

            On the last day we had a Memorabilia Show and Sale open to the public. We had many local people come out from the Milwaukee area and sales were good.  I sold several copies of my book too.

            The 2011 Convention will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. When the convention is in Atlanta we usually have over 1000 people attend. If you want to be there, look into joining the Coca-Cola Collectors Club!

   Hope to see you in 2011!

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