The Man Behind the Bottle

I am always looking for books on Coca-Cola or anything soda related. I came across this book today: The Man Behind The Bottle: The Origin and History of the Classic Contour Coca-Cola Bottle as Told by the Son of its Creator.

  Written by Norman Dean, he tells the true story of how the Contour bottle came about. I had talked to the grandson of Norman last year about this very subject, but did not realize his grandfather was working on a book.

  You can go to the Antique Bottle forum and see a few links and see a picture of the cover.

I ordered a copy, as soon as it arrives and read it,  I will post a review.

2 Responses to “The Man Behind the Bottle”

  1. Jeff Dean Says:

    Hi Doug,

    Actually, I’m the son of Norman Dean. Earl R. Dean was my grandfather. I’m happy to hear you ordered a copy. Hope you enjoy it.

    For those interested in getting a copy for themselves, visit

    And for those who would be interested in hearing actual audio of Earl R. Dean recounting the hours that led up to his first contour bottle creation, go to and click on “Audio”.

  2. cocacolabottleman Says:

    Thank you for sharing the links with us! I can’t wait for the book to arrive.

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