Dixie Highway Yard Sale

The Dixie Highway Yard Sale is coming up, June 4-6, 2010.  It winds its way from Marietta, Georgia to Ringgold, Georgia.   We went a few years ago and had better luck finding antiques at some of the local area antique and junk stores than we did at the yard sales.  Many shops had special discounts for the Dixie Highway Yard Sale.       We live in the Marietta area so we drove north on I-75, got off at Ringgold and drove south towards home.  We drove 5 hours of the yard sale and still only made it half way, many people and many places to stop.  At first we stopped at every yard sale we saw, even the ones way off the main route. But we soon started to be more selective and only stopped at sales along the Dixie Highway and even then only if we saw something interesting. 

We did manage to find several nice Coca-Cola items and soda related items. The find of the day was a Coca-Cola bottle; I had never seen before. I found out later it was a Presentation Bottle for a special event in Atlanta. Only 200 had been made. I paid $4.00 for it. I found out later it was worth over $300!  I ended up selling the bottle to someone who wanted it more than I did.

 Here is a link for complete details on the sale.  We may not be able to make it this year, but hopefully you will!


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