Hwy 78 Yard Sale was a little WET

Well, when we got up Saturday morning it was raining but decided to try the Hwy 78 Yard Sale anyway.   No yard sales were set up along the way due to the rain but we managed to find a few antique stores and some junk shops open early.   So I managed to bring home several bottles including a few Christmas bottles (named for the date the bottle was patented, Dec. 25th, 1923) for only $2 each, a few other Coke bottles, a plastic 6 pack Coca-Cola Carrier for $3 from the 1960’s, an early 1950’s Coke wooden crate for $10. One crate I found (not a Coke product though) was for a short lived drink from the mid 1960’s, Kickapoo Joy Juice. You can see a picture of it here:  http://www.antique-bottles.net/forum/Kickapoo-Joy-Juice/m-306006/tm.htm

That was probably the best find of the day.  Maybe next year will be better weather.

  Now, when is the next Highway yard sale?  I am ready.


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