Digging with Doug Part 5

Some time ago I had posted all about how I began collecting bottles.  I left off saying I would talk about the book writing process.  Like I said previously, I had never written a book before. I had written articles for a few collectible magazines and for the Coca-Cola Collectors Club newsletter but nothing on this scale.

            The first thing I had to do was organize all the information I had already accumulated over the years on Coca-Cola bottles. This took some time, but once I was organized I saw what information I needed to fill in the blanks. I began to gather that information from fellow collectors, archives and the bottles themselves (Empirical data method). I looked at a couple thousand Coca-Cola bottles from museums, collections, antique stores, flea markets, eBay, etc.  This gave me the range of years that certain bottle styles were made, variations and types. From gathering of information to having the book completed took me 7 years. Although I did not work on it every minute of the day, life seemed to interrupt my writing schedule-often. Finally in late 2008 I decided I needed to not go anywhere, do nothing but write every free minute I had. 

              Once the book was near completion I spent much time studying self publishing online. I never really liked any company I saw and finally decided to really go the ‘self publish’ route.  I found a printing company that could produce the book in the quality I wanted.  Now all I had to do was photograph, layout, edits, design, etc. the whole thing, from the front cover to the all important back cover introduction.

By 2009 the book was completed, almost. I had a hard time designing the front and back cover. I thought it would have been easy, but proved otherwise.  I ended up with 5 cover designs and could not decide, so I did what most big publisher’s do-eeny, meeny, miny, moe. What…..isn’t that how they do it?  I did some informal surveys on the cover choices and narrowed it down to two designs, but the eeny, meeny, miny, moe still did come into play.

It has been worth all the hard work and effort. I just wish I could have completed my book before my father had passed away. He encouraged me many times when I felt like scrapping the book project. He made me promise him I would finish the book and I am glad he did. Now I am working on my next book! (With two other book ideas floating around in my head)

            If you are thinking of writing a book, check out Instant Publisher. http://www.instantpublisher.com/    They were the company I had print my book.


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