World of Coca-Cola

One of the great things about living in the Atlanta area is the World of Coca-Cola isn’t too far away.  An amazing collection of museum items and interactive displays that keeps everyone entertained.

  If you are in the Atlanta area this year you should stop by and check it out.     While you are there be sure and stop by the Pop Culture Room.  In the past they have displayed art work of Andy Warhol,  and currently displaying 5 artists, Steve Penley, Gordon Chandler, Commer Jennings, Steve Kaufman and Burton Morris.  Also be sure to look at the display case that has ‘folk art’ type items made from Coca-Cola cans and bottles.  In fact, a 1 Liter Coca-Cola bottle that was made into a lamp is on display, made by…me. My donation to the World of Coca-Cola.  When the museum first opened up, they had Andy Warhol art in the Pop Culture Room with my lamp. I could never figure out if my lamp was on display with Warhol, or was Warhol on display with my lamp?

Recently the 3 millionth visitor arrived at the museum. Here is the news story:


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