Writing My Way Through The Cola Wars…

 I recently stumbled across a book that looked interesting, so I ordered it. 

Madison Avenue South, 1964-: Writing My Way Through The Cola Wars… 

By Wallace J. Gordon  

504 pages Publisher: AuthorHouse (January 13, 2009) 

 I wasn’t too sure about the book when I first saw it. But using the Amazon preview function I was able to see what the book covered. 

 It is actually an autobiography of an Advertising Executive in the 1960’s. He talks about his work with McCann-Erickson doing Coca-Cola ads and special promotions. He also discusses his family life.  Very interesting behind the scenes information, you see all the work that goes on behind the scenes to sell a product. 

  He also mentions many ads, promotions and bottles that proved to be helpful in dating items in my collection.    One interesting fact I found out was about the early No Deposit No Return Coca-Cola bottles. When they first came out in the mid 1960’s they were not the contour shape, but a straight wall design.  I had always thought it was because of the thin glass the NDNR bottles were made of and the contour shape would not hold up well.  Mr. Gordan mentions the ad campaign when they changed the bottles from the straight wall (due to thin glass and being an unstable package) to the contour shape NDNR bottle. So, that little bit of information verified what I had previously thought.  It is filled with many little facts like that. Very intersting and an easy read. Over 500 pages, but I read it in two days.

 Check it out, it is worth it.


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