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Columbia Bottle Show

February 22, 2010

This past weekend I attended the Columbia Antique Bottle Show. (Go here to see Pix )

   This is the best show in the Southeast. I set up a table this year to sell my book and some bottles.  Of course, I ended up buying some bottles to bring home. It is a Friday and Saturday show. It is so surprising how many attend on Friday. It opened at noon and I did most of my sales in the first three hours. That is when the most serious bottle collectors are out. 

   Dennis Smith-the expert on Celery Cola was there. He has written several books on various soda brands. I was able to talk to him briefly. He is a walking encyclopedia of soft drink knowledge!

   I saw many friends that I have gotten to know at bottle shows over the years.  Also, found a few bottles I had never seen before to add to my collection. It was a great weekend.

Look for a bottle show close to you and attend one.


Attend a Bottle Show Near You

February 11, 2010

Well-It is almost Bottle Show Season!  If you haven’t checked my link out for Antique Bottle Shows, take some time and see if a Show is in your area. Some GREAT Shows are coming up!

 The 24th Annual “Tail-Gators” Bottle Show in Sarasota, FL is a really good show, it is February 13th. You were wondering what to do for Valentines Day, well here it is.

 On February 19th and 20th is the famous Columbia Bottle Show, sponsored by the South Carolina Antique Bottle Club. This is THE Show for the South East. And it is THE Show for soda bottles!  Over 200 tables of bottles. This is one you do not want to miss!

Up North we have the Columbus, Ohio Antique Bottle Show. Also a great show with huge variety of bottles and items.  It is held February 20th.

If you head further North you can catch the Somers Antique Bottle Club 40th Annual Show & Sale at Enfield,  Conneticut on February 28th. It is supposed to be the best show in Conneticut.

If you need more details OR just want to see if a bottle show will be in your area-check out the ‘Antique Bottle Shows’ link on the right and attend one in your area!