A Book Worth Tracking Down on Coca-Cola

Secret Formula: How Brilliant Marketing and Relentless Salesmanship Made Coca-Cola the Best-Known Product in the World

 By Frederick L Allen

 Hardcover in 1994, Paperback in 1995

Frederick Allen worked for CNN as a reporter

 The book covers Coca-Cola history from the beginning with Doc Pemberton stirring his concoction in 1886 in a large kettle to the New Coke concoction of 1985.

             The book describes what it took to get Coca-Cola from being brewed in a kettle to a multibillion dollar business known around the world. It shows the corporate brilliance in marketing that put Coca-Cola in the center of American culture and the Worlds consciousness.

           It looks at the political side as well as the historical side of The Coca-Cola Company.    It also discusses that other cola company Pepsi, and covers the issues that Pepsi and Coke have had over the years.

               It covers the Marketing of the soft drink very well and has many interesting facts from some of the campaigns. The book flows as a story and not as a bunch of facts put together.

The book is a thorough and comprehensive history of Coca-Cola from its inception to the modern era (well, up to 1985 anyway).

                  The book is fairly easy to find. I see it often at used book stores and thrift stores. Widely available on line also.


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