Collector Clubs Declining Membership


I read an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal this week. It covered Beer Can Collectors and the issues the clubs are having with declining membership. Most Collectible Clubs have suffered the same fate of fewer members since the 1990’s. The current economy has not helped much either.   It is hard to figure out exactly why people below the age of 30 are not inclined to join.  A few bottle clubs I had been a member of for many years have fallen by the wayside and disbanded.   I would like YOUR opinion. Why do you feel membership in Collectible Clubs is not as popular as it once was? 

Here is the link to The Wall Street Journal story:

3 Responses to “Collector Clubs Declining Membership”

  1. Bob Robinson Says:

    HI Cocacolabottleman
    Our Coca Cola Collector club of South Australia, here in Australia has the same problem of falling membership. Back in the 1980’s we had over 100 members now down to 53 and only 20 odd attend our monthly meetings. Of these there is only a handful under 20 years of age. Even the older members are the same, we have advertised for new members in our newspapers but to no avail.
    Why, I think with so many other things to do, and computers, its killed the get together to find items for there collection. Back before the computer days the only way to add to your collection was clubs or trade fairs/car boot sales/markets.
    Now if you want a collectible form the other side of the world you can have it, just look on Ebay. Although you can get collectibles never seen before it’s more of a lonely collecting hobby. But I know this is the way of the future, I have a collection of Coca Cola yo yos pre computer days I have maybe had a dozen different yo yos, now hundreds from all countries of the world.

    My Coca Cola Yo Yo collecting web site and links to the Coca Cola Collectors Club of SA newsletters.

  2. cocacolabottleman Says:

    Hello Bob,
    Thank you for your comments. I agree with you, the internet has changed the collecting hobby. I use ebay a good bit to find certain items for my collection also, but going to conventions, club meetings, etc. you can learn SO much more of the hobby than from the internet. I wish others would realize this.
    I’ve checked out your website, very nice.
    Thanks again.

  3. Robin Simpson Says:

    hi Doug
    our club is also from Australia, we are the Queensland collector club, i agree with Bob from Adelaide we have tried advertizing attending local shows and events but to no avail, the interest in joining a club is not there
    the internet has definately had a huge impact which is a shame as i am only a late collector 4 years and the club as you say is a great way to meet people share storys on finds ect and we had a convention here just last year my first that i have attended and i had a great time and are nooking to go to Las Vegas next year
    i would urge all people thinking of it to join and have fun
    i am aslo a bottle collector my site is
    i would you to take a look and let me know your thoughts

    thanks you and Regards from Brisbane

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