Digging with Doug Part 4

When we moved back to Georgia, this really became my non-digging period. I was in High School by then and was more worried about school, cars and work.  Then-off to the Navy. Once I returned home from the service, I began my bottle collecting habit again.    I moved into a SMALL apartment and did not have room for many bottles. So I brought my Soda bottles, since I had so few of those. Soon that is all I concentrated on! My collection quickly grew and at one point I had over 3500 bottles. I was back to digging on a regular basis for bottles.  I decided to sell or trade off all the extra bottles.  This got me thinking of writing a book (I had first thought of writing a book when I was around 12 or 13 years old).    I had always wanted to write a book on bottle collecting or about bottles and began brain storming ideas around the mid 1990’s.   Nothing really came out of that until 2002, when I decided I would really write one this time.  I narrowed down my book ideas to a few and decided that Coca-Cola bottles would be my subject. I had gathered a good bit of information on Coca-Cola bottles already from fellow bottle diggers and bottle collectors and had many notebooks full of information that needed to be shared. In 2003 I joined The Coca-Cola Collectors Club and met some wonderful people that would end up helping me a great deal with research for the book.  I had never written a book before, so it was a learning experience!  I did not realize how much work it would be.

Next time-All about the book writing adventure.


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