The Coca-Cola Bottle

I have been getting several questions a day about how my book ‘The Coca-Cola Bottle’ is doing. I self published the book, so I have had to wear many different hats, writer, editor, photographer, art and layout department, publisher and now the marketing department.   It has been a great deal of work, but it has been worth it.       I have sold/sent copies to Japan, Africa, Australia and Canada and so far to 21 States.                    I found an odd market to sell my book in besides to bottle collectors-Archaeology.  I happened across some information last year that made me think that the book would be a useful tool to the Historical Archaeologist, by showing the years the different bottle types were made and to show how to read the Date Code found on most Coca-Cola bottles. I was able to get my book listed on a website that Archaeologist frequent and I have sold several copies already with more orders coming in.   I don’t think I will make it to the New York Times Best Seller List anytime soon, but I have been happy so far with where it is headed.

  Thank you for your support!

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